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The wedding of Kim Seng & Weishan will always be very special and dear to us. It was the very first wedding celebration entrusted to us when we had only just begun. It helped that Weishan is the big sister of Weiyan and has watched both Weiyan & Joyce grow up over the years. (Sometimes you just need people to believe in you and to give you a chance. Thanks Cheongs for being that person to us.)

From the digital crafting of their wedding invitations, to designing and crafting of the entire experience of both their holy matrimony in church, and an intimate celebration luncheon at Rider's Cafe the day after. It made for an awesome first wedding celebration experience for us! And one so colourful,  so whimsical that we'll never forget. 


Beautiful flowers by The Bloom Room.
Pictures by The Peeping Thom.
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10 & 11 December 2011