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ABNER & FIONNE, And a whole lot of grace.

We couldn't have chosen a better couple to kick off our third year in merry motion with. It was lots of good feels and merriment as we prepared for the wedding of Abner and Fionne

They had wanted their wedding to be a celebration of 2 lives, unexpectedly intertwined and made good with time and grace. Insert lots of adventures in between, the great decision to do life together, and a great desire to bless the guests with things they liked (candy, cupcakes, pop corn) -- it was the recipe for a sweet sweet time! 

Truth be told, their wedding will always be significant and very memorable. On top of it happening during our birthday week, the set was fraught with lots of unfortunate events -- uncooperative buntings, unfriendly weather. Pretty nothing much went according to plan. But we will instead remember the couple's concerned faces, and the great measure of grace they extended to us. Abner & Fionne truly take the (cup)cake for being the sweetest couple ever. 

Pictures by Aloysius for 39 East Photography

18 October 2014