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AN upcycled wedding!

We first became friends with the bride, Ting, years ago when we shared the same studio level in year 1. She always walked with a bounce in her step, and wore the biggest sunshiney smile on her face. Fast forward 7 years -- we were reacquainted over yummy pho and banh mi in a cosy booth seat talking about her favourite colour teal and her affection for lace, this time with her charasmatic fiancé as he spoke about his music playing days / love for photography / the importance of empathy in the medical field.

It was an exciting brief given by Jonk & Ting, a like-minded couple who spoke the same language and carried the same spirit. They wanted all wedding elements to be purposefully crafted, and artefacts from their paktor days to be upcycled for the celebration.

Beer bottles (their favourite brand of blue) dipped in paint, plotter rolls from the (architect) bride's office sawed up and put together into mini installations, old book pages reassembled into hanging lanterns. Oh what fun!

Credit: Cream Pictures

6 September 2014