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We still remember like yesterday when #katiefan celebrated her first month in merry motion. So naturally, we were over the moon to be entrusted with the greatest privilege of bringing the cuddly monsters from Sesame Street down to her second birthday party. 

Say hello to Katie's World! A colourful hand-drawn celebration filled with all her favourite furry monster friends from Sesame Street with Elmo leading the way! 

Inspired by Hooper's Store on the show, we set up a little corner full of Katie's favourite snackies and toys for her friends to make their own goodie bags. There was also a little craft corner for the little ones to own a pocket sized Elmo, Cookie Monster & Abby! They sprinkled some magic on a pompom and turned it into a hair tie or a wristband. 

Our favourite moment of the day? It had to be seeing Katie's little face light up with pure delight when she woke up from her nap before her party and wandered into her very own crayon world just as we were setting up. Priceless. :D

Pictures by STUDIOKEL

19 February 2014