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Keep Kam And Lim Ah! There's unlimited booze.

When we first met Collin & Michelle, we liked them instantly. They're very real, super sincere, and extremely thoughtful. 

It's always awesome when the couple shares and values the same vision as us. It was pretty much a dream for us to design and craft for their day to be filled with fun, merriment, and beauty. From bubble bottles, to the most original puns (ever!) made up of their last names KAM Celebrate!, unLIMited Booze!, to a sea of paper crown wearing guests. It made for a spectacular day and night. 

You can tell so much of a person from his/her support system. Collin & Michelle have such wonderful families + friends and we feel extremely blessed to be now counted in that circle.

Live long and prosper! 

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Pictures by Mindy Tan Photography

31 May 2014