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PROJECT X - LAMITAK Singaplural 2015.

Project X is a collaborative project as the key expression of "Process" for Singaplural, Lamitak is partnered with four local design talents and groups. Compromising individuals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, they will be showing the process of transition and transformation of laminates beyond its perceived form.

Pick & Play! - The concept of this installation presents itself to be something that can be easily picked up by anyone with an interest and can be applied to many social occasions, all that was a surprising material choice in itself - Lamitak's Laminates. By creating customisable decorative laminate parts, the installation aims to not only create dialogues within the community, but to also get others involved and interested with their experimental and interactive nature.

This project was made possible by the awesome team at PLUS Collaboratives
In collaboration with Lamitak
Project X for SingaPlural 2015

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Singaplural 2015 x Lamitak

Watch the process video here!