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We have never met a bride so eager to hold onto our signature In Merry Motion chalkboard. That bride is none other than Dawn! Together with Ming, they handwrote (and washi-taped) a letter to us the week after they got engaged to tell that they are so glad that they are finally able to "wed In Merry Motion."

Ming and Dawn are not the loudest or the most expressive, but their actions speak very loudly of the way they (awesomely and sweetly) are. Thoughtful, considerate, and very very kind. 

It was a happy, colourful, wash-tape filled wedding. They wanted their wedding to feel like homely gathering; warm and sincere. They also wanted it to be a giant thanksgiving to all their family and friends for having supported them so prayerfully along the way. 

It's in the little things: like the bride's personal collection of favourite knick-knacks that were displayed, the "favours" that went beyond a memento, but a sincere "thank you" gift, and the happiest expressions on their faces when they held our chalkboard. 

Pictures by Smittenpixels Photography

10 January 2015