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MOKMAGMARRY on a warm december night

#MokMagMarry in merry motion! We had initially planned to not take on any projects during the christmas season of 2014, but that all changed when we met Melvin & Mag. There's something very different, and very very endearing about the two of them. They're both humble, very thoughtful, and extremely sweet.

We were berry (very) delighted to incorporate the season's details into their wedding -- the warmest red, festive leaves, christmas berries, marshmallows, and lots of twinkling fairy lights. 

The odds were against us as it rained as we were about to set up but everything worked out for the better in the end. 

It's so much more than how a wedding looks, but truly so much more about how it feels, and the relationship it celebrates. It's couples like Melvin & Magdalene who make our job so easy. When it feels this good, it definitely makes a wedding as beautiful. :) 

Pictures by Ivan Tan Photography

26 December 2014