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Superhero Me

SUPERHERO ME follows the journey of pre-schooler Elvis Lim, 6 and his friends from Care Corner Child Development Centre (Leng Kee), who unleash their inner heroes through a values-based craft costume project for their graduation concert. They are the first graduates under Lien Foundation’s Circle of Care, a novel programme where children and their families who need help have access to social workers, educational therapists and high quality pre-school education.

We've learnt SO MUCH from these precious children. Super powers so pure and sweet to change their worlds in their little ways -- Little Eyman the Masterchef's super power is to cook anything she feels like eating. Elvis the Eagleboy's super power is his big wings to protect everyone and himself.


Pictures by Logue

This project was made possible by the awesome team at Lien Foundation

Director & Producer: Logue
Director of Photography: Ong Boon Kok
Film Editor: Lam Xinying
Creative Direction of Costumes:
In Merry Motion
Website Geniuses: WE / WEAR / GLASSES

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@superheromesg #Superherome_SG