This little section here is a space for us to give thanks and to celebrate the blessings bestowed upon us. 

We are so ever thankful for God's mighty hand in all of this, for the most amazing support system (made up of our families and friends), and last but not least - for beautiful & great clients who have become our friends. 

There is so much to be thankful for and we stand here (virtually) before you today humbled and in awe of everything that is happening to us in merry motion. Starting out is never easy and in all of this struggling, we have learnt to have faith, take heart and keep our eyes on what truly matters.


Features on
The Wedding Scoop

Having your couple tell you that they love all that has been done for their wedding is a real privilege and honour. Being spotted by Singapore's very own wedding portal which also happens to curate some of the most beautiful weddings in the region... it's a blessing! Thank you Leana! 

Feature on

We hit a personal milestone when we were told that we've been featured on Ruffled! We've been such big fans of their content and it has inspired us greatly especially when we were starting out and finding our ground. This really means a lot to us and we're so thankful to our Creator for leading us as we journey and craft in merry motion.

Feature on On
The Red Dot,
Channel 5 (episode 86)

When we were first approached by Producer Minmin Low to be featured on their #Youth series on the episode of risk takers and dealmakers, we were pretty overwhelmed. We hardly saw ourselves as entrepreneurs and we weren't sure what we could bring to the table.

To cut the long story short, we said yes, and we were also given the grand opportunity to co-host with Cheryl Fox as we probed the topic of young business owners with 2 other entrepreneurs Dawn who started Nook, and Pan the fishmonger.

Thanks for the opportunity! Watch the episode.

Division of Industrial Design (DID)

We are very very thankful to call DID our alma mater. It was in the 4 years of design school where and when our friendship really took root and bloomed into the merry partnership we have today.  

To be featured as one of the alumni design studios in this DID promo film meant a lot to us; we weren't top students, and we weren't practising traditional industrial design. But our lecturers have taught us to always look for insights and find opportunities in unexpected situations. 

Thank you lecturers-turned-mentors for believing in us, and for supporting us endlessly. :)

AY Consultants x
In Merry Motion

We have found a place to call home! We're so so thankful and extremely excited to be sharing a space with A Y Consultants, a firm that provides Civil and Structural Engineering services, Building Inspection, Architectural Consultancy services and Project Management services.

Thank you Mdm. Yeo and your team for being so welcoming and awesome!