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...with some her favourite things in this world -- waffles, eggs, milk (in cartons), ice cream, snails, and clouds! It was a sunshiney day, and a true FEAST for the eyes as guests sang and laughed under dangling waffles and felt sunny side-ups. It was a gathering of the birthday girl's favourite people.

Guests gamely adorned their heads with snail eyes headpieces (only at the birthday girl's request) and made alphabet pasta felt badges for Weijie as a momento of her 21st birthday party. 

Weijie, the happiest snail of a girl we know, has journeyed with us from the very beginning when we started out in merry motion. She crafted with us during her school breaks, through late nights, tough deadlines, and craft parties. She was also there with us / for us during many set-ups and tear downs. 

Happy birthday honourary elf (and little sister) Weijie! You're definitely one of our favourites of all time too.


Pictures by The Peeping Thom
Cute snail cake by TeaxCakes

27 September 2014