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What I've Loved

What I’ve Loved is an intergenerational project that aims to inspire connection between youth volunteers and seniors through a creative journaling process. It involves a series of workshops on documentary photography, interviewing, writing and scrapbooking, where each senior participant creates his own life storybook in collaboration with a team of volunteers.

The journal seeks to be a personal memoir where volunteers interview the seniors, collect images and stories of different stages of their lives and photograph their current lifestyles. As each team builds rapport over conversations and shared motivation towards a common goal, the producers hope for this exchange of energy to inspire both seniors and volunteers to renew what they value in life.

This project was made possible by the National Arts Council
Volunteers: Toa Payoh Photography Club & Toa Payoh Adventure Club
Featuring: Seniors from Toa Payoh
Team Lead, Director & Producer: Logue
Creative Direction of Books & Exhibition:
In Merry Motion

July - September 2013