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Mini Hanging Catch-All

Duration: 2 hours (with 15 mins break in between)
Craft audience: For everyone! We’re introducing the basics
Recommended ages: 7 and up
Participants aged 6 and below should be accompanied by a grown up.

Where do you put all your precious trinkets and favourite little knick-knacks? In a mini hanging catch-all of course!

This 3 part workshop is our first reflective craft session for the little ones. It will first begin with a mindfulness activity when we will think about the things around us. After which, participants will get to work on a wooden dish in response to that.

Lastly, we will take you through the basics of knot-tying to create a holder. Basically a Ready - Get Set (Goals) - Grow! but adapted for children! :)

Wooden dish measures 13x13cm, and is made from beech wood.

SGD 40/person   |   SGD 75/pair

Please also take note of the following --
i. Cancellation policy: Upon payment, we are unable to allow refunds.
ii. Late policy: In order to remain as fair as possible to all participants, we are unable to allow late arrivals of more than 15 minutes. We’d be happy to accommodate requests to join other sessions depending on availability.

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