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OHAI 2019!
Ready, Get Set (Goals) & Grow

Duration: 2 hours
The plant pot measures at 8cm in diameter, with plant spilling out generously.
Craft audience: For everyone! We’re introducing the basics.
Participants aged 11 and below should be accompanied by a grown up.

January 2018 2019.

It’s the time of the year when we spend a little more time correcting our dates, and also a chance to start on blank slates all over again. We’re cosying up to 2019, and we invite all of you to join us in goal setting and growth netting / knotting.

Each session will begin with putting together a visioning / #GOALS journal made up of 10 different reflective cards (which you will get to select!) There are options ranging from seriously light-hearted to light-heartedly serious for you to guide you in your thoughts.

After which, we will take you through the basics of macrame knotting to bring home a baby plant in. Growth is a wonderful thing and we hope that in the daily act of caring for a plant, you will remember that 2.5 hours that you had set aside at the start of 2019 just for yourself.

So get ready, (get) set goals, and watch your plant grow! This craft is targeted for beginners - there will be step to step guides to learning the basics of knots.

PS, from one plarent to another (budding one), we will be providing some easy plant options for you to take a pick. Tested and proven!

SGD 65/person  |  SGD 120/pair

Please also take note of the following --
i. Cancellation policy: Upon payment, we are unable to allow refunds.
ii. Late policy: In order to remain as fair as possible to all participants, we are unable to allow late arrivals of more than 15 minutes. We’d be happy to accommodate requests to join other sessions depending on availability.

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